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Thu, 3rd Jan 2013
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Tue, 20th Aug 2013

   Add additional slideshows to your store.


How do I add additional slideshows to my website?


Step 1- Open your Fortune3 Wizard -> Navigate to My Web Pages -> Slideshow Designer -> Click "Add new slideshow" -> Add a "Slideshow Name" -> Select where the slideshow will be showed on your website -> add a “Token name” without the curly brackets -> Give it a “Width” and “Height” (match the pictures size) -> Click on Add/Edit Slideshow Image -> Browse for the image(s) -> Fill out the link field if needed (this field will make the picture link to anywhere on your website or to an external website) -> Fill out the "Slide Name" field if needed -> click on "Add Image to Slide show" (repeat as needed -> Click on “Save & Close”.

Step 2- Select the template you want to use under My Web Pages -> My templates. Once the template is selected, click on "Modify As..." (This option will download the template you have selected to your computer). The templates under the “Latest Templates” option already have a slideshow added by default and you can use Step 1 if you would like to add an additional slideshow to run somewhere in your store.

Step 3- Name the new template something meaningful to you. The template files will reside within your computer on the following folder if you would like to use an external HTML editor for any changes:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Fortune3 Wizard\Templates\(name you gave to the template\

Step 4- The HTML editor will open and you can then add the token name you created before (on Step 1) right next to the default token name {slideshow-main} or place the token anywhere in your template. The name should be surrounded by an opening and closing curly brackets. The token name shouldn’t have any spaces, but you can use underscores (_) or dashes (-) to separate words. 

Example: {slideshow-main}{token-name-you-used-in-Step 1} 

Step 5- Click on “File” on the top menu-> “Save & Close” the HTML editor and upload your website again.

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