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Tue, 17th Feb 2015
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Tue, 15th Dec 2015

   Hints to help you identify fraudulent orders.


 How can I identify fraudulent orders?


Finding fraudulent orders is not always as easy, however; here are some things to check for when an order comes in.

  1. 1. The main tool to use while reviewing your order is the IP Location field. This field will let you know approximately where the order was place from in the world. If the IP address is distinguishably different from the billing address be sure to review the information available online.
    ‘Example: IP located Russia shipping to the United States’.
  2. 2. If you are using a Payment Gateway and would like to find out how your security setting is set on their end to authorize credit cards go down to the “History Information” area and review the Authorized message in the order Information Screen.
    ‘Example: Authorized: "000/APPROVED | AVS:Y | CVV2:M | Auth Code: XXXXXX." AVS Result: Y
    Let’s say you are using PayPal Pro as your Payment Gateway and just got an order reported as fraudulent yet your payment gateway authorized the order. After reviewing the message above by finding the “AVS and CVV2 Response Codes from the PayPal website we can identify what each of the codes means.

    Y = Address and five-digit ZIP where matched with the billing address entered at the checkout.
    M = Address and Postal Code where matched with the billing address entered at the checkout.

    With the information above we now know what is your Payment Gateway is checking for when an order is processed. If this information is not enough to stop possible fraudulent orders then it is always a good idea to contact your Payment Gateway to find out how to improve the amount of security implemented at the time of processing an order.
  3. 3. Lastly, when in doubt contact the client placing the order and find out more about them. This can save you time and money if the credit card owner calls back requesting a refund.

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