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Fri, 13th Mar 2015
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Fri, 13th Mar 2015

   Setting Up First Data E4 Gateway with Fortune3


 I am currently using First Data's E4 Payment Gateway and I would like to integrate my account into my Fortune3 online store. How can I do this?


 In order to integrate First Data into your Fortune3 account, there is a one time integration fee of $69.96 that must be ordered from the following URL:

From here, you'll be able to place the integration order for First Data and once that is completed you will receive an e-mail from our support department asking for the following information:

E4 Gateway Account Login:
E4 Gateway Account Password:

In addition to this information, we will also need your account's API "EXACT ID" and Password. To retrieve these credentials, please follow these steps: 

1. Log in to your E4 First Data account by visiting

2. Once logged in, click on the Terminals link located on the right side of the page

First Data Login Screen

3. There will be 2 rows in the terminals screen, click on the second row

First Data Login Screen

4. The following screen will provide you with a screen with your Gateway ID. This is the "EXACT ID" we will need you to send us.

5. The next step will be to generate a password. Simply proceed to the password field and click the generate button.

6. Copy the Gateway ID and the generated password

7. Click the update button to save the changes

First Data Login Screen


Once you have all of this information, kindly copy and paste all of the required information into the support ticket you will receive. Once we have received this information from you, it will take approximately 1 business day to integrate and test your E4 First Data Account.

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