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Wed, 2nd May 2012
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Thu, 3rd May 2012

   Wholesale customerís order comes in with retail price


I have a wholesale customer that placed an order but he was charged as a retail customer. How is that possible?


Most customers when they get to your website, they proceed to your cart to purchase an item.  For wholesale customers this is not the right process; they need to make sure to be logged in to your store's wholesale area before they add their desired products to their cart as the price for the items will differ. If a wholesale customer comes in to your website and adds a product to the shopping cart without first logging in to the Wholesale area, the customer will be able to log in while going throughout the checkout process, but the price will be kept as the retail price because that was the price of the item when it was added to the cart.

How can I avoid it? Please advice your wholesale customers to first log in to their wholesale accounts (add a message to the index page or e-mail them) and then proceed to add items to their shopping cart. If you want to make sure the customers is in fact is getting the right price, please edit the customer by going to your Admin Site > Manage > Wholesale Customers and make sure the customer is set as wholesale customer and has the right price level set.

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