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Wed, 19th Jun 2013
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Tue, 20th Aug 2013

   Trustwave Vulnerability Scan


My Trustwave Vulnerability Scan shows failed results. How can I fix these errors in order to pass my scans?


Fortune3 denies access from bot scans to certain areas in order to prevent unauthorized access for our customers' accounts. It is due to this reason that Trustwave scans may sometimes fail with what is called "False positives".

It is easy to avoid future failed results for these false positives. First you must submit a copy of your scan results via a Fortune3 support ticket. Our support agents will then provide you with the necessary information to dispute the false positives. Trustwave's User Interface has an area set up for dispute failed scans. Please follow these instructions:

1) log into your Trustkeeper account. Once you login, you will see the "Scanning" link towards the top of the page. Once you click on "Scanning", you will see a table that lists all vulnerabilities found during the most recent scan.

2) Click on the row of the table that has the vulnerability you would like to dispute. After clicking on that vulnerability, please click on the "Dispute Findings" tab found near the top of the page. A box will pop up that you should fill out in its entirety with the reasoning for your dispute. After you have completed that box, click "Save"

Once you dispute these false positives, you will stop receiving failed scan notices.

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