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Fri, 16th Aug 2013
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Thu, 17th Apr 2014

   Checklist to migrate your already existing website/shopping cart to the Fortune3 Software.


What do I need to do to move over my website/shopping cart over to the Fortune3 Platform?


Checklist to migrate your current site or shopping cart to our software:

 1.       Sign up for a monthly plan (Sign Up) with Fortune3. Our plans only vary in price depending on how many products you will be selling in your store; all the features are included.

 2.       Pointing your domain name DNS to our servers if you would like for us to host your domain name and emails. If you are just linking our shopping cart then the best way is to create a sub-domain in your site and point the CNAME from the sub-domain to our servers. For instructions on how to aim the DNS to our servers for hosting please Log in to your Fortune3 Administration Site -> Manage -> Domains & Emails -> My Domains and follow Step 1 and 2.

 3.       Import or add the products to your Fortune3 Store-Builder. The best way to add existing products from your previous store is by using the Import options in the Fortune3 Store-Builder left side menu. The import modules will let you easily import categories, products and options to your newley created website with Fortune3. If you would like to add those products manually, you are welcome to use our easy to use Product Tree located in the Fortune3 Store-Builder -> My Products -> Tree View.

 4.       Setup Payment Options: Log in to your Administration Site -> Setup -> Payment Options. Want to process credit cards automatically on your website?

 5.       Setup Shipping Carrier: First add the shipping methods you would like to use in the Fortune3 Store-Builder -> Shipping -> Shipping Carries. After selecting the shipping methods you would like to provide to your clients at the checkout, log in to your Administration Site/Order Managerment -> Setup -> Shipping Carriers and setup your shipping carriers account as needed.

 6.       (Optional) Add a Payment Gateway if you would like to offer the option to your users to pay with major credit cards in your site.  For information please visit this link:

 7.       Migrate your template to your new Fortune3 Site. If you already have an existing design our Store Builder has all the tools to facilite the entry of html and css files to migrate your entire theme/template to our software. If you are not familiar with HTML or CSS and would like for us to do it; one of our designers can do it for you. (quote might be required ).

 8.       Optional. Do your own SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your site to improve yoru organic traffic in your site. We offer different SEO plans if you are interested.

 9.       Optional. Submitting product Feeds to different search engines - Log in to your Administration site/Order Management -> Marketing -> Product Feeds.

 10.   Optional. Submitting your Sitemap - Log in to your administration site -> Marketing -> Google Sitemap/XML.

 11.   Manage your inventory - Log in to your Administration Site -> Manage -> My Inventory.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us over at our live chat

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