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Date Created
Tue, 3rd Jun 2008
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Thu, 9th Jun 2011

   Minimizing Spam E-mails


What can FORTUNE3 do about all the Spam E-mails I receive?


You actually only receive about 10% of the spam that is sent to you, all thanks to the anti-spam software that we have installed onto our e-mail servers.

Additional Spam Protection Advice:

If you are using our Webmail system to send and receive e-mail, you can use anti-spam features by going to the Options section of your Web Mail e-mail account, and enabling these features from there. 

If you are using Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express or any other type of e-mail software program, you can use the anti-spam features that it comes with (junk mail settings) or you can purchase additional anti-spam software that would be compatible with your e-mail software program.

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