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Mon, 18th Jun 2012
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Mon, 21st Oct 2013

   Import recipients to my Mailing List


Importing e-mail address lists / recipients to my Mailing List?


To access your mailing list tool: Log in to the Administration Site -> Marketing -> Mailing List/Newsletter. Navigate to Subscribers -> Import and please read the “Important Notice from FORTUNE3”.  Once you reach the Import Subscribers website, proceed to look under the ”Import “ category. In the 'Type' dropdown list there are two options and each option holds two sub-options:

1. List of Email Addresses  
•    From a file: In here you can import a .csv file that holds only email addresses. You can’t have more than one column existing on this file otherwise the recipients will not be imported (you'll use the .CSV – All Subscriber Data to accomplish this).
•    From a box: On this option you can paste a list of emails in the text area. Each email must be on its own new line and not next to each other. The text area can only hold emails, if you were to add another column of information it will not get imported to the mailing list.

2. .CSV – All subscriber Data.
•    From a file: In here you can import a .csv file that holds more than one field. For example a column that holds emails, names, phone numbers, etc.
•    From a box:  On this option you can paste a list of emails, names, phones numbers, etc. in the test area. Each of these columns must be separated with a space to differentiate each field.
Example:     Brady    Laurin    555-555-5555    Sergio    Swick    555-555-5556    Jackie    Lien    555-555-5557  

After you have selected which option you want to use to import your recipients, click on the Import button. If you chose the option “From a file” you will be taken to the Assign Fields screen, which asks you to match each column to their designated value (example: Email, First Name, Last Name, etc.). On the other hand, if you selected the option “From a file” after clicking on the import button  you will be redirected to a verification site. On this new screen there will be a verification message “X non-duplicate subscribers will be imported. 0 were ignored as duplicates” (if X is equal to 0 the importing was done incorrectly). Click on Yes and go under Manage where the whole list of recipients in your mailing list is visible. This verification message also appears after you have imported “From a File”.

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