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Tue, 19th Jun 2012
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Mon, 21st Oct 2013

   Create a condition for a recipient to be part of an already existing group in the mailing list.


How do I create a condition for a recipient to be part of an already existing group in the mailing list?


First, Log in to you Admin site -> Marketing -> Mailing List / Newsletter -> Click on the first link which starts with You will be redirected to your newsletter log in screen and once you have logged on using your Fortune3 username and password click on Subscribers -> Groups.  To edit the group you need to click in the notepad icon inside the Groups list.

Change name: In here you'll be able to rename your group just by changing the already existing text and then by clicking on the Rename button changes will be saved.

Add Rule:
•    Field (adding a field) - By clicking on the link “field” you can create a brand new field to match at the time of importing or recipients joining your mailing list. On the “Field type”, chose what type of value the field will be accepting at the time of importing. After you fill both “New fields name” and “Field type”, click on the Add button. A window will pop up with extra options for your new field with all the options already explained on the pop-up window. To make any changes to any of the fields click on the notepad icon inside the “Field Ordering” list.
-After creating the Field, choose from the dropdown list the already existing field. Once you select the dropdown list value a new window will pop-up. On this window select which condition the customer must have to join the group. For example if the customer state field has the word Florida or the number 33127 for zip code. It all depends on what type of values your field should be accepting.
•    Group (including or excluding) –By clicking on the link “group” you'll be able to create a brand new group. This is exactly what we are trying to accomplish on this article; which means you don’t have to worry about it for now. If you select from the group dropdown list you can add any group members you want to include or exclude in the brand new group you just created.

Group Rules: Display the existing rules for your current selected Group. From here, edit the field you have selected for this group plus the group you decided to include or exclude.

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