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Tue, 16th Mar 2010

   :SPAM: In Subject Line


Why do my emails have the word :SPAM: in the Subject line?


The :SPAM: pre-fix gets added to emails that have been scanned by SpamAssasin (one of the spam blocking services that Fortune3's email servers use), and failed the anti-spam tests. SpamAssasin can mark emails as spam based on several factors, including IP and location, the actual content of emails, and the email addresses in question.

What do I do if the e-mails I send have the :SPAM: Prefix?
If some emails that you are sending out contain the :SPAM: prefix in the subject line, the best way to fix this issue is by using outgoing SMTP Port Number 587 on your POP3 Outgoing settings (as opposed to the default port 25). Sending emails from port 587 rather than from port 25 will skip the SpamAssassin check, and make your outgoing avoid this spam filter altogether.

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