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Date Created
Fri, 6th Jun 2008
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Thu, 9th Jun 2011

   Preventing Email Hijacking


How do I prevent my email address from being hijacked if I host with Fortune3?


FORTUNE3's Outgoing Mail Servers require authentication. This means that no one can actually send e-mails from our servers with your e-mail address unless they have your e-mail account's password, so we suggest using a strong password.

There are other methods that e-mail hijackers use, but the only way they can send e-mail from our servers is if they have your e-mail account's password.

This will not prevent hijackers from putting your e-mail address as the "E-mail From Name" or "reply-to e-mail address" on spam e-mails, nothing can prevent that. To avoid this from happening, the best thing for you to do is not to list your e-mail address on your website at all. If they do not know your e-mail address, they cannot use it in this manner.

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Google knows when they are sending hijacked mail. I am having some difficulty understandanding why they insist on delivery of fraudulent mail. To identify mail as fraudulent is one aid and abet this activity by delivering such mail suggests a level of complicity that should be investigated. I believe this will turn out to be the top story of the year...Google Operates "hidden" Spam shops where legitimate e-mail addressess are used to carry bulk spam for Google. Please contact me for further details that include censorship and harassment of those who complain about this.

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