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Mon, 20th Sep 2010
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Thu, 9th Jun 2011

   Adding Tracking Numbers


How can I add a UPS / FedEx tracking number to an order so the customer can track their package?


There are several ways to add tracking numbers to an order:

1. If you go to an order in the Admin Site and click on Manage, on the Available Actions area (on the bottom of the screen), click on "Change Shipping Status / Tracking Info". Here you can change the status of the order to shipped and assign it a tracking number.
2. You can print your UPS labels directly from our Admin Site by clicking on Print Shipping Label in that same area when managing an order, or by going to Tools -> Mass Label Printing. When you print a shipping label from our Admin Site the tracking number will be automatically assigned to the order and you can select to send the customer an email to notify them of the shipment.
3. You can import your tracking numbers from a CSV file by going to the Admin Site's "Import Data -> Tracking Numbers & Status".

All of these options will allow you to notify the customer of the shipment via email automatically, and will allow customers to click to track their package when viewing their order status.

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