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Fri, 13th Apr 2012
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Thu, 3rd May 2012

   UPS Shipping to Canada


I have an order going to Canada and it's not showing UPS Standard  / Ground to Canada.


If you happen to encounter the same issue, please make sure first you have added in your Fortune3 Wizard the option “UPS Standard to Canada” to your shipping method list (you can accomplish this by navigating inside the Wizard to “My Company -> Shipping Information -> Real-Time Shipping Carriers and Methods", search for the UPS Standard to Canada method on the left column, and click on the “Add >” button);  after you have done this upload your changes with the Wizard and please proceed to log in to your Admin Site using your Fortune3 username and password.

Navigate in the Admin Site to Orders > View Orders; choose the order you wish to print the label for. Scroll down the page and look for a field called “Change Shipping Method”. After clicking on this field, select the option for UPS Standard which is the same method as UPS Standard to Canada (this is also going to change the Shipping Method inside the “Print Shipping Label(s)” form). 

This should resolve your current issue, if you still having trouble please open a support ticket

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