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Date Created
Tue, 7th Oct 2008
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Thu, 9th Jun 2011

   RMA Setup and Management


What is RMA and how can I enable it on my store?


Return Merchandise Authorization or RMA for short is a transaction whereby the recipient of a product arranges to return the goods to the supplier in order to receive a refund or credit.

With the Fortune3 system you can easily setup and manage your RMA requests. Our automated RMA system allows your customers to request an RMA on your site (based on your RMA settings). The Fortune3 automated RMA system can utilize our Real-Time Shipping and send shipping labels to your customers requesting RMA's and processes the RMA information for you.

To set up your automated RMA system for your store you must login to your Fortune3 Administration Site and go to: "Setup --> RMA Setup" and fill out our RMA Setup Form. Once you have RMA setup on your store you can then manage any RMA requests from your Fortune3 Administration Site by going to: "Manage --> My RMAs".

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