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Wed, 23rd Jul 2008
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Thu, 9th Jun 2011

   Order with Status 'Manual'


An order came in with status "Manual". Where are the funds for the order going to?


Generally this will happen when an order has been placed using a payment method on a site that does not have a direct way to automatically process the payment via this selected payment method. 

If the status of an order is "Manual", the funds will not go anywhere, the order has not been charged and the system is expecting you to charge the order on your own terms.

If you are planning on processing payments only via PayPal and/or Google Checkout, (with the exception of the "PayPal Website Payments Pro" gateway), your site can only process the payments by having your customers go through Google Checkout's or PayPal's site to make the payment and complete their order. If this is the case, you can prevent order from coming in as "Manual" by going into the "Retail Options" and "Wholesale Options"(if applicable) sections of the FORTUNE3 Wizard, and un-checking all payment methods other than PayPal. You would need to un-check Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, etc. You will only want to keep PayPal selected as the available payment method. PayPal's checkout will let your customers finalize their orders by using credit cards or by using their personal PayPal account.

You should only have credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc) enabled as Payment Methods in the FORTUNE3 Wizard if you have your e-commerce site is linked to a payment gateway processor, or if you have a means to manually charge credit cards by keying in the credit card numbers, expiration dates, and addresses if needed (this information is provided via the Admin Site if you are a signed up customer only).

If you have enabled certain credit cards as Payment Methods on the Wizard, and you do not have your site connected to a gateway processor to process credit cards, the system will simply save the credit card information and set the status to "Manual", expecting you to charge the credit card manually.

Some payment methods that are not credit / debit cards or e-checks (Personal Check, Check, Wire Transfer, Cash, Credit, or COD) will also make orders come in with a status of "Manual", because they are expecting you to manually collect the payment from the customer. 

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