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Date Created
Fri, 6th Jun 2008
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Thu, 9th Jun 2011

   Setting Up Multiple Users / Sub-Users


Can I set up different Administration accounts with various restrictions for my employees?


To create multiple users or "Sub-Users", log into the Administration Site. Next, go to the "Manage" tab on the top, and then to the "Administration Users" on the bottom left. Here you can add your Sub-Users and specify exactly what portions of information each one will or will not have access to. 

Give a user "Read-Only / Access" only if you want them to view a particular section of the Admin Site, but not be able to modify or click on anything on that page.

Give a user "Modify" access only if you want them to have full rights on a particular section of the Admin Site. The user will be able to change anything on the screen with this setting.

Give a user "No-Access" only if you want to prevent them from viewing a particular section of the Admin Site altogether.

If a section has the Modify radio-button disabled, it is because nothing can be modified or changed on that Admin page.

If a Sub-User should not have access to customer credit card information, just select "No" where it says "Show Credit Card Numbers", and the credit card numbers will show up as "XXXX" for them.

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