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Wed, 2nd May 2012
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Thu, 3rd May 2012

   UPS ERROR Confirm the Shippers shipper number...


Getting an error when I try to print a UPS label. UPS ERROR Confirm the Shippers shipper number cannot be used for the shipment.


The error means that there is something wrong with the UPS account number you entered, it could be that it was entered improperly, or that there might be an actual problem with the UPS account, in which case you will need to contact UPS to check if there are any issues with the account, such as billing issues or past due amounts.
You can make sure the information is entered correctly by going to your Admin Site > Settings > Shipping Carriers > UPS Registration. Once there, double check the information provided by UPS to fill out the fields correctly.

If you are having trouble printing Thermal Shipping Labels with UPS please go to this link:

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