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Date Created
Wed, 8th Oct 2008
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Thu, 9th Jun 2011

   Phone Orders / Manual Order Entry


How can I place an order for a customer on my online store?


You can place an order directly from the FORTUNE3 Administration Site. This tool is perfect if you accept phone orders, in-store orders, or have other sources for incoming orders. This quick order placement system is an advanced tool that allows you to quickly and easily place an order directly from the FORTUNE3 Administration Site in a one-page format, just as if your customer was placing an order on your site. The "Place Order" system is highly interactive so that you can quickly find existing customers or enter a new one, and easily add / remove / change items to the order. It is also fully integrated with Inventory Management, (will deduct ordered items from your inventory count), with your Shipping Cost Calculations, and with your credit card processor or PayPal. You can access this feature by logging into your FORTUNE3 Administration Site and going to: "Orders--> New Phone Order ".

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