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Thu, 24th Jul 2008
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Thu, 9th Jun 2011

   Why are order numbers skipping?


Why are our order numbers not sequential and skipping certain numbers?


The FORTUNE3 system creates an order number almost for every visitor that goes to your site, including yourself, whether a purchase is made or not. This is because almost anything that is done on your site requires a session to be created on the shopping cart and therefore an Order ID / Order Number associated with that session.

For example, if a customer goes to your site an adds an item to the cart, an Order ID and session is created at that point. The same thing happens if a customer logs into your site to check on the status of an order.

Missing order numbers are therefore normal and common. They do not mean that you are missing certain orders or that many customers are creating orders but not completing them, it could mean that you have had many logins in between orders, or many add to carts (which could include automated bots that browse / crawl through your site).

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