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Date Created
Mon, 29th Sep 2008
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Wed, 18th May 2011

   Htaccess File / 404 Re-direct


How can I access and edit my site's .htaccess file to re-direct 404 errors on our site?


404 Error Pages (Not Found) are automatically forwarded to a page on your site that contains your template, and in an organized fashion lets your customers know that the file no longer exists. The Page Not Found URL is always located at, and cannot be edited.

You can also create and upload your own custom .htaccess file in the Administration Site's "Tools -> eFTP - File Upload Center" section. 

Note: This section cannot be accessed during the 30 day trial.

An .htaccess file can be used to re-direct all 404 errors (this page / file does not exist) to a specific page on your home page. Attached to this ticket, you will find an .htaccess file that contains a proper 404 re-direct to your home page (index.html). You may use the attached .htaccess file to upload it directly to the eFTP section. If you will create a custom .htaccess file with other types of re-directs, we do advise that you look up correct and proper syntax for .htaccess, as having incorrect syntax in this file could make your entire site non-functional.


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