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Fri, 25th Jul 2008
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Thu, 12th May 2011

   FORTUNE3 Security Measures


What security measures does FORTUNE3 take in order to prevent account breaches / attacks?


FORTUNE3 provides the most advanced security protocols and utilizes the following methods of security in order to prevent any form of account breaches and / or server attacks:

  1. Customers & Orders stored in secure database.
  2. Built-in Ecommerce FTP ( eFTP ) - Encryption / file filtering / server security against hackers. No Direct FTP connections.
  3. PC-based (offline) - No Internet connection required while creating your online store.
  4. Fortune3 uses Geotrust Secure SSL Certificates with 256 bit Encryption for Maximum Saftey and Security, today's most trusted SSL brand.
  5. Fortune3 supports all SSL-Certificate issuing authorities, including Verisign.
  6. All information is collected and transmitted with SSL Encryption.
  7. Fortune3 and all sites hosted meet full PCI-Compliance based on the current PCI standards.
  8. All Fortune3 E-Commerce shopping carts are held in our own proprietary facilities equipped with secured and redundant servers which include ultimate data protection against hackers with the latest firewall technology.
  9. FORTUNE3 Servers are constantly monitored by our experienced team of Server Admins to prevent attacks 24 / 7
  10. Redundant SQL database with 'Data Loss Protection': A powerful and reliable E-commerce database stores all your shopping cart transactions and is backed up in several secure locations.
  11. Password and image verification systems are active on both the webmail and Administration Site.
  12. Sub-User accounts can be created in order to allow your workers or partners access to the Administration Site, yet giving you the option to limit their access to only the information they need to see/modify.
  13. Fortune3 Support Reps have no access to passwords or credit card information. Only a few restricted access employees (who have signed contracts to protect our customers' information) have this sort of access.

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