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Sat, 31st May 2008
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Mon, 30th Dec 2013

   Using My Own Domain(s)


How can I use my own domain name(s) on my FORTUNE3 store?


You can use any domain name, with any extension (international included), and as many domain names as you like with your FORTUNE3 Store.

If you have already purchased the domain name from any provider:

In this case, your domain name must be pointed to our DNS servers. Log in to your FORTUNE3 Administration Site and go to "Manage -> Domains & Emails -> My Domains". Follow the instructions under Step 1 and Step 2 in order to use your domain name with your FORTUNE3 store.

If you have not yet purchased your domain name:

You may purchase one directly from FORTUNE3 by going here:

Or you may purchase a domain name from any provider. Once your purchase is complete, please follow the instructions in the section above titled "If you have already purchased the domain name from any provider". You will not need point your domain to our DNS servers in this case, as when you purchase the domain name from FORTUNE3, the domain will automatically point to our DNS servers.

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