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E-mail Service
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Sat, 31st May 2008
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Fri, 12th Aug 2011
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   E-mail Service

:SPAM: In Subject Line 

The :SPAM: pre-fix gets added to emails that have been scanned by SpamAssasin (one of the spam blocking services that Fortune3's email servers use), and failed the anti-spam tests. SpamAssasin can mark emails as spam based on several factors, including IP and location, the actual content of emails, and the email addresses in question.

What do I do if the e-mails I send have the :SPAM: Prefix?
If some emails that you are sending out contain the :SPAM: prefix in the subject line, the best way to fix this issue is by using outgoing SMTP Port Number 587 on your POP3 Outgoing settings (as opposed to the default port 25). Sending emails from port 587 rather than from port 25 will skip the SpamAssassin check, and make your outgoing avoid this spam filter altogether.

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Cannot log in to my e-mail account with Fortune3 - Password Changed 

This is a possibility. Fortune3 frequently takes precautions by resetting an e-mail account password when there is suspicious hacking or spam activity on the e-mail account to avoid major problems that can arise from a breached password. We advice all of our customers to check their password strength when creating/changing the password to their e-mail accounts hosted with Fortune3. Why? This is because your e-mail account's password can get hacked if it is too simple and this can create many issues such as your customers receiving spam emails from your e-mail account, and even resulting in Fortune3's E-mail servers being placed on Spam lists and databases.  If you are unable to log in to your e-mail account using your password, we recommend logging in to your Admin site:

Navigate to Manage > Domains & Emails > My E-mails Accounts. Click on Modify (right next to the e-mail address) and change the passwrods with the new secure password you have chosen. As a minimum requirement the password needs to be 7 characters long, and contain at least a letter and a number.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you, however, it is only done to protect you from being labeled as a spammer.

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Cannot send e-mails - getting bounced back 

There could be several reasons why your outgoing e-mails may be getting returned. The bounce back email that you got itself gives you the information as to why the email was returned. Below are some common bounce-back messages and solutions:

553 sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts :

This error usually means that your ISP does not allow you to send e-mails from port 25 on your computer's Internet Connection. To fix this, we have enabled port 587, so that you may use it for Outgoing Mail. Please go to your Mail Program's "Account Settings" section, go to the "Advanced" tab (click on More Settings in Outlook 2007), and change the Outgoing Port (SMTP) from 25 to 587.

This should fix the error.


451 :

This error means that your IP address is blocked as spam on the SpamHaus database. FORTUNE3's mail servers use SpamHaus in order to minimize the amount of spam e-mail that comes into our servers. To fix this, we have enabled port 587, so that you may use it for Outgoing Mail without going through your ISP's port, but through our port. Please go to your Mail Program's "Account Settings" section, go to the "Advanced" tab (click on More Settings in Outlook 2007), and change the Outgoing Port (SMTP) from 25 to 587.

This should fix the problem. We also suggest that you click on on the link on the e-mail that goes to the SpamHaus website, so you can see why your IP address is listed there, and how you can remove it.

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Create a condition for a recipient to be part of an already existing group in the mailing list. 

First, Log in to you Admin site -> Marketing -> Mailing List / Newsletter -> Click on the first link which starts with You will be redirected to your newsletter log in screen and once you have logged on using your Fortune3 username and password click on Subscribers -> Groups.  To edit the group you need to click in the notepad icon inside the Groups list.

Change name: In here you'll be able to rename your group just by changing the already existing text and then by clicking on the Rename button changes will be saved.

Add Rule:
•    Field (adding a field) - By clicking on the link “field” you can create a brand new field to match at the time of importing or recipients joining your mailing list. On the “Field type”, chose what type of value the field will be accepting at the time of importing. After you fill both “New fields name” and “Field type”, click on the Add button. A window will pop up with extra options for your new field with all the options already explained on the pop-up window. To make any changes to any of the fields click on the notepad icon inside the “Field Ordering” list.
-After creating the Field, choose from the dropdown list the already existing field. Once you select the dropdown list value a new window will pop-up. On this window select which condition the customer must have to join the group. For example if the customer state field has the word Florida or the number 33127 for zip code. It all depends on what type of values your field should be accepting.
•    Group (including or excluding) –By clicking on the link “group” you'll be able to create a brand new group. This is exactly what we are trying to accomplish on this article; which means you don’t have to worry about it for now. If you select from the group dropdown list you can add any group members you want to include or exclude in the brand new group you just created.

Group Rules: Display the existing rules for your current selected Group. From here, edit the field you have selected for this group plus the group you decided to include or exclude.

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Create a Group in your mailing list. 

You can create a group inside of your Mailing List by Logging in to you Administration site -> Marketing -> Mailing List / Newsletter -> Click on the first link that starts with You’ll be redirected to your newsletter log in screen. Once you have logged on using your Fortune3 username and password; click on Subscribers -> Groups. At this point you should be inside your Groups Page site. To add a new group, first fill out the Group name field with any name you want to give to the group and click the Add button.

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Email Accounts on my Cell Phone 

Yes, as long as your phone has a POP3 e-mail software installed. Following the E-Mail setup directions on the Administration Site's "Manage -> My E-mail Accounts" screen may be worded a bit differently; however the server and login information remains the same. You should have no problems setting this up to work as you need it to. Please contact your Mobile Network provider for instructions on setting up your Phone's e-mail software.

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Forwarding E-Mail 

In order to activate e-mail forwarding (aliases), please log in to your email management console:

Login with the Email Address and Password for the email address that you want to forward to other accounts.

Once you are logged in, click on "Change your forward". On the "To" textbox, enter 1 email address per line for each account that you want your emails to be forwarded to. Select whether you would like to keep a copy of the incoming emails on your email account (Deliver to local mailbox) or only forward to the specified email addresses, and click on Edit Alias to save your changes.

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Import recipients to my Mailing List 

To access your mailing list tool: Log in to the Administration Site -> Marketing -> Mailing List/Newsletter. Navigate to Subscribers -> Import and please read the “Important Notice from FORTUNE3”.  Once you reach the Import Subscribers website, proceed to look under the ”Import “ category. In the 'Type' dropdown list there are two options and each option holds two sub-options:

1. List of Email Addresses  
•    From a file: In here you can import a .csv file that holds only email addresses. You can’t have more than one column existing on this file otherwise the recipients will not be imported (you'll use the .CSV – All Subscriber Data to accomplish this).
•    From a box: On this option you can paste a list of emails in the text area. Each email must be on its own new line and not next to each other. The text area can only hold emails, if you were to add another column of information it will not get imported to the mailing list.

2. .CSV – All subscriber Data.
•    From a file: In here you can import a .csv file that holds more than one field. For example a column that holds emails, names, phone numbers, etc.
•    From a box:  On this option you can paste a list of emails, names, phones numbers, etc. in the test area. Each of these columns must be separated with a space to differentiate each field.
Example:     Brady    Laurin    555-555-5555    Sergio    Swick    555-555-5556    Jackie    Lien    555-555-5557  

After you have selected which option you want to use to import your recipients, click on the Import button. If you chose the option “From a file” you will be taken to the Assign Fields screen, which asks you to match each column to their designated value (example: Email, First Name, Last Name, etc.). On the other hand, if you selected the option “From a file” after clicking on the import button  you will be redirected to a verification site. On this new screen there will be a verification message “X non-duplicate subscribers will be imported. 0 were ignored as duplicates” (if X is equal to 0 the importing was done incorrectly). Click on Yes and go under Manage where the whole list of recipients in your mailing list is visible. This verification message also appears after you have imported “From a File”.

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Minimizing Spam E-mails 

You actually only receive about 10% of the spam that is sent to you, all thanks to the anti-spam software that we have installed onto our e-mail servers.

Additional Spam Protection Advice:

If you are using our Webmail system to send and receive e-mail, you can use anti-spam features by going to the Options section of your Web Mail e-mail account, and enabling these features from there. 

If you are using Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express or any other type of e-mail software program, you can use the anti-spam features that it comes with (junk mail settings) or you can purchase additional anti-spam software that would be compatible with your e-mail software program.

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MX Record Change 

Yes you can have e-mail accounts hosted with another e-mail provider. This would require you to make changes to your MX Records.

In order to change your domain's MX Records, you will need to access the Advanced DNS changes screen located in the Fortune3 administrative site.

Please login to your Fortune3 administrative site by clicking on the link below:

Once logged in, click on Manage > Domains & Emails > Advanced DNS Manager

The Advanced DNS Manager will list your current MX Records and allow you to update them as you wish. Changes to MX Records will take effect in less in one hour or less.

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Preventing Email Hijacking 

FORTUNE3's Outgoing Mail Servers require authentication. This means that no one can actually send e-mails from our servers with your e-mail address unless they have your e-mail account's password, so we suggest using a strong password.

There are other methods that e-mail hijackers use, but the only way they can send e-mail from our servers is if they have your e-mail account's password.

This will not prevent hijackers from putting your e-mail address as the "E-mail From Name" or "reply-to e-mail address" on spam e-mails, nothing can prevent that. To avoid this from happening, the best thing for you to do is not to list your e-mail address on your website at all. If they do not know your e-mail address, they cannot use it in this manner.

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Setting up Email Auto-Replies 

In order to setup an email address with an auto-reply, you will need to login to your Qmail email management console:

Login with the Email Address and Password for the email address that you want to add the auto-reply to.

Once you are logged in, click on Auto Response.

Enter your Vacation / Auto-Response Subject and Message, and click on "Going Away". When you want to turn off the auto-responder, follow the same process, but click on "Coming Back" to disable the auto-responder.

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Setting up Email on a Blackberry 

FORTUNE3's e-mail system does not use Blackberry Enterprise software. What you would need to do is set up a regular POP3 e-mail account (without Enterprise), and use the Blackberry's regular E-mail Service software. Please consult your mobile network provider for help on setting that up on your Blackberry. You should use the same settings as you would with any other POP3 system like Outlook or Windows Mail. Instructions are provided in the Admin Site's "Manage -> My E-mail Accounts" screen.

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Setting up Microsoft Outlook 2010 

Microsoft Outlook and Windows Mail Instructions:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook
  2. Click on "Tools" in the top menu and select "Account Settings…".
  3. Under the “E-mail” tab click on "New…”, select "Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP" (it’s selected by  default) and click on “Next >”.
  4. Click on the “Manually configure server settings or additional server types” checkbox and click “Next >”.
  5. Leave the default radio button selected “Internet E-mail” and click “Next >”
  6. Fill in the information requested according to:
            •    User Information – Your Name: and E-mail Address:
            •    Account Type: POP3 or IMAP Server:
            •    Incoming mail server and Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
            •    Enter your complete E-Mail address as the "User Name".
            •    Enter your password in the Password field.
            •    Click on the “More Settings…” button.
  7. On the new windows that pops-up, click on the “Outgoing Server” tab, click on the "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" checkbox. Select "Use same settings as my incoming mail server".
  8. Click on the "Advanced" tab and under Outgoing Server (SMTP), change the port from 25 to 587. The “Incoming server (POP3)” should remain the same “110”.
  9. Click on "OK".
  10. Optional - Click on “Test Account Settings…” button. You should get a pop-up window that starts testing your connections. The Status for both tests to be successful must be: “Completed” (if that is not the case, make sure you go over the steps again). Click on “Close”
  11. Click “Next >” and on “Finish” on the next window.

Congratulations! At this point you have successfully set up Microsoft Outlook and will be receiving e-mails from your Fortune3 e-mail account. If you have Microsoft Outlook 2003 please follow the guide on your Admin Site > Manage > Domains & Emails > My Emails Account > using the link under: “How to Send/Receive email?”

If you would like to set up e-mail forwarding or auto-replies to your hosted email account with Fortune3, please follow the instructions in our knowledgebase article:

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Setting Up Your E-Mail on Android Phones 

Please follow these steps in order to setup your Android phone to receive your Fortune3 e-mails (HTC EVO 4G was used)

1. Click on the Menu Button (May Vary Depending on your phone model)
2. Click on All Apps
3. Select the Mail Application
4. Click on the Menu Button
5. Select New Account
6. Select Other (POP3/IMAP)
7. Click on Manual Setup
8. Under the Protocol Drop Down Menu, make sure that POP is selected
9. E-mail Address: Enter the full E-mail address to be set up
10. Username: Enter the full E-mail address to be set up one more time
11. Password: Enter the password corresponding to E-Mail Account
13. Security Type: NONE
14. Incoming Server Port: 110
14. Click Next and you will be taken to the Outgoing Server Settings Screen
15. Make sure the Login Required Checkbox is checked
16. Username: Enter the full E-mail address to be set up
17. Password: Enter the password corresponding to E-Mail Account
19. Security Type: NONE
19. Outgoing Server Port: 25
20. Click on Finish Setup 

Your account should now be fully setup at this point.

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Setting Up Your E-Mail on your iPhone 

Please follow these steps in order to setup your iPhone to receive your Fortune3 e-mails (iPhone 4 was used)

1. From your main screen, click on the settings icon

2. Click on Mail, Contacts, Calendars

3. Click on Add Account...

4. Select "Other"

5. Under the Mail submenu, Click on Add Mail Account >

6. Fill out the following fields accordingly :

- Name
(Enter your full name or company name)
- Address (Enter the full e-mail address being set up)
- Password (Password associated with this E-mail account)
- Description (A simple description to identify this account)

7. The next step will verify the settings and take you to a screen where you can choose either IMAP or POP.

8. From the POP screen, enter the following information:

The NameAddress, and Description fields should already be included based on step 6
- Host Name (set it to
- Username (Enter the full e-mail address being set up)
- Password (Password associated with this E-mail account)

9. Click on YES when a message that reads "Cannot Connect Using SSL, Do you want to try setting up the account without SSL? appears

10. This will fully setup your Fortune3 E-mail account with your iPhone

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