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Order Administration
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Sat, 31st May 2008
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Tue, 17th Feb 2015
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   Order Administration

Adding Tracking Numbers 

There are several ways to add tracking numbers to an order:

1. If you go to an order in the Admin Site and click on Manage, on the Available Actions area (on the bottom of the screen), click on "Change Shipping Status / Tracking Info". Here you can change the status of the order to shipped and assign it a tracking number.
2. You can print your UPS labels directly from our Admin Site by clicking on Print Shipping Label in that same area when managing an order, or by going to Tools -> Mass Label Printing. When you print a shipping label from our Admin Site the tracking number will be automatically assigned to the order and you can select to send the customer an email to notify them of the shipment.
3. You can import your tracking numbers from a CSV file by going to the Admin Site's "Import Data -> Tracking Numbers & Status".

All of these options will allow you to notify the customer of the shipment via email automatically, and will allow customers to click to track their package when viewing their order status.

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Deleting Orders from Database 

For legal reasons, it is company policy not to delete any orders from the database; an order has to be retrievable in some way, no matter how old it is. This is a security measure for us. FORTUNE3 does have an order archiving system. We can archive your older orders. If you would like us to archive your orders, then please inform us about the details on the orders that you would like us to archive (orders older than 3 months, etc) by submitting a ticket here: My Orders

Please allow 24-48 hours after submitting the ticket for a reply with confirmation that the orders have been archived.

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Hints to help you identify fraudulent orders. 

Finding fraudulent orders is not always as easy, however; here are some things to check for when an order comes in.

  1. 1. The main tool to use while reviewing your order is the IP Location field. This field will let you know approximately where the order was place from in the world. If the IP address is distinguishably different from the billing address be sure to review the information available online.
    ‘Example: IP located Russia shipping to the United States’.
  2. 2. If you are using a Payment Gateway and would like to find out how your security setting is set on their end to authorize credit cards go down to the “History Information” area and review the Authorized message in the order Information Screen.
    ‘Example: Authorized: "000/APPROVED | AVS:Y | CVV2:M | Auth Code: XXXXXX." AVS Result: Y
    Let’s say you are using PayPal Pro as your Payment Gateway and just got an order reported as fraudulent yet your payment gateway authorized the order. After reviewing the message above by finding the “AVS and CVV2 Response Codes from the PayPal website we can identify what each of the codes means.

    Y = Address and five-digit ZIP where matched with the billing address entered at the checkout.
    M = Address and Postal Code where matched with the billing address entered at the checkout.

    With the information above we now know what is your Payment Gateway is checking for when an order is processed. If this information is not enough to stop possible fraudulent orders then it is always a good idea to contact your Payment Gateway to find out how to improve the amount of security implemented at the time of processing an order.
  3. 3. Lastly, when in doubt contact the client placing the order and find out more about them. This can save you time and money if the credit card owner calls back requesting a refund.
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Modifying the invoice customers receive after placing an order. 

To modify the invoice, all you need to do is open your Fortune3 Wizard. Click on My Web Pages -> Edit Web Texts -> Click on the Text area for Code 10 and add any text you want to be displayed for your customers' invoice ->Click Save & Close then upload your site.

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Order Confirmation Email Coming from 

You can have e-mails be sent from your e-mail address, but that e-mail address must be an e-mail address that is hosted through FORTUNE3. The e-mail address that sends order confirmation e-mails will be the one that you have entered into the FORTUNE3 Wizard's Sales Dept. Email Address field under the "My Company -> Company Information" section, as long as that is an e-mail address that you have created in the Administration Site under "Manage -> My E-mail Accounts". This is also the same e-mail address where your order notifications will be sent to.
Therefore, you must have your domain name's DNS pointed to our servers and be using it for your site. The reason for this is because our servers cannot send an e-mail from an e-mail address that is not hosted with us. Once your domain and e-mails are hosted with us, then your orders will automatically be sent out from there, until then, they can only be sent out from

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Order Search 

To search for a specific order, you must first Login to your Administration Site and go to: "Orders --> Search  Orders", and then just follow the simple instructions that are on-screen. You can search for your order with an Order ID Number or you can search for any order information containing your search term (name, city, email, etc.) and all possible results will be displayed.

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Order with Status 'Manual' 

Generally this will happen when an order has been placed using a payment method on a site that does not have a direct way to automatically process the payment via this selected payment method. 

If the status of an order is "Manual", the funds will not go anywhere, the order has not been charged and the system is expecting you to charge the order on your own terms.

If you are planning on processing payments only via PayPal and/or Google Checkout, (with the exception of the "PayPal Website Payments Pro" gateway), your site can only process the payments by having your customers go through Google Checkout's or PayPal's site to make the payment and complete their order. If this is the case, you can prevent order from coming in as "Manual" by going into the "Retail Options" and "Wholesale Options"(if applicable) sections of the FORTUNE3 Wizard, and un-checking all payment methods other than PayPal. You would need to un-check Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, etc. You will only want to keep PayPal selected as the available payment method. PayPal's checkout will let your customers finalize their orders by using credit cards or by using their personal PayPal account.

You should only have credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc) enabled as Payment Methods in the FORTUNE3 Wizard if you have your e-commerce site is linked to a payment gateway processor, or if you have a means to manually charge credit cards by keying in the credit card numbers, expiration dates, and addresses if needed (this information is provided via the Admin Site if you are a signed up customer only).

If you have enabled certain credit cards as Payment Methods on the Wizard, and you do not have your site connected to a gateway processor to process credit cards, the system will simply save the credit card information and set the status to "Manual", expecting you to charge the credit card manually.

Some payment methods that are not credit / debit cards or e-checks (Personal Check, Check, Wire Transfer, Cash, Credit, or COD) will also make orders come in with a status of "Manual", because they are expecting you to manually collect the payment from the customer. 

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Orders Report for 1st Order Only 

You can run this type of report in the Admin Site by going to Orders -> Custom Order Report, and in the Filers section, where it says Group By:, select Email, and then where it says Sort By:, select Order ID Ascending (instead of the default option Descending).

You can then Generate the report. By grouping the email address, only 1 order will show per customer, and by sorting it Ascending, the 1st order will be the one to show for every customer.

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PayPal Orders with Status Open 

A PayPal order with status "Open" simply means that the order was not completed because the customer never completed the payment once they got to the PayPal site upon checking out on your e-commerce site.

Since PayPal payments force your customers to leave your site and go to the PayPal site to make the payment (with the exception of "PayPal Website Payments Pro"), our system needs to save the transaction as soon as the customer is taken to the PayPal site to make the payment. This is when the order is saved to the database with status "Open". The FORTUNE3 system then waits for PayPal's system to send it confirmation that the payment was made (which is an automated process), at which time the status of the order gets changed to "Approved" and the order gets completed (and e-mail confirmations get sent out). If the payment is never made, PayPal will never send the FORTUNE3 system confirmation that the payment was approved, and so the order status will remain as "Open".

If you are seeing an order with status "Open" for which you received a PayPal payment for, this means that the confirmation was not sent from PayPal to Fortune3's system properly, and it may be caused by a problem or upgrade taking place in the PayPal system, or by an improper setting inside your PayPal account. Please follow these steps:

1. Log into your PayPal account.
2. Go to Profile on the top tab.
3. Click on My Selling Tools on the left menu.
4. Under "Getting paid and managing my risk", click on -> Instant payment notifications
5. Make sure IPN is turned on and sending notifications to:

*yourusername should be replaced with your Fortune3 main account username.

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Phone Orders / Manual Order Entry 

You can place an order directly from the FORTUNE3 Administration Site. This tool is perfect if you accept phone orders, in-store orders, or have other sources for incoming orders. This quick order placement system is an advanced tool that allows you to quickly and easily place an order directly from the FORTUNE3 Administration Site in a one-page format, just as if your customer was placing an order on your site. The "Place Order" system is highly interactive so that you can quickly find existing customers or enter a new one, and easily add / remove / change items to the order. It is also fully integrated with Inventory Management, (will deduct ordered items from your inventory count), with your Shipping Cost Calculations, and with your credit card processor or PayPal. You can access this feature by logging into your FORTUNE3 Administration Site and going to: "Orders--> New Phone Order ".

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RMA Setup and Management 

Return Merchandise Authorization or RMA for short is a transaction whereby the recipient of a product arranges to return the goods to the supplier in order to receive a refund or credit.

With the Fortune3 system you can easily setup and manage your RMA requests. Our automated RMA system allows your customers to request an RMA on your site (based on your RMA settings). The Fortune3 automated RMA system can utilize our Real-Time Shipping and send shipping labels to your customers requesting RMA's and processes the RMA information for you.

To set up your automated RMA system for your store you must login to your Fortune3 Administration Site and go to: "Setup --> RMA Setup" and fill out our RMA Setup Form. Once you have RMA setup on your store you can then manage any RMA requests from your Fortune3 Administration Site by going to: "Manage --> My RMAs".

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Set the Initial Order Number 

Yes, an initial or starting order number can be changed directly from your Administration Site at any time. Please navigate to the "Manage -> My Account" screen of the Admin Site and change the Start Order ID's at field directly from this screen under the Manage Settings area to your desired initial order #, then click on Update to confirm.

Please note that you will only be able to change the initial order ID to a number that is higher than your current Order ID. The initial Order ID cannot be lowered to a previous number. Additionally, only numerical characters are accepted as the Order ID.

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Setting Up Multiple Users / Sub-Users 

To create multiple users or "Sub-Users", log into the Administration Site. Next, go to the "Manage" tab on the top, and then to the "Administration Users" on the bottom left. Here you can add your Sub-Users and specify exactly what portions of information each one will or will not have access to. 

Give a user "Read-Only / Access" only if you want them to view a particular section of the Admin Site, but not be able to modify or click on anything on that page.

Give a user "Modify" access only if you want them to have full rights on a particular section of the Admin Site. The user will be able to change anything on the screen with this setting.

Give a user "No-Access" only if you want to prevent them from viewing a particular section of the Admin Site altogether.

If a section has the Modify radio-button disabled, it is because nothing can be modified or changed on that Admin page.

If a Sub-User should not have access to customer credit card information, just select "No" where it says "Show Credit Card Numbers", and the credit card numbers will show up as "XXXX" for them.

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UPS ERROR Confirm the Shippers shipper number... 

The error means that there is something wrong with the UPS account number you entered, it could be that it was entered improperly, or that there might be an actual problem with the UPS account, in which case you will need to contact UPS to check if there are any issues with the account, such as billing issues or past due amounts.
You can make sure the information is entered correctly by going to your Admin Site > Settings > Shipping Carriers > UPS Registration. Once there, double check the information provided by UPS to fill out the fields correctly.

If you are having trouble printing Thermal Shipping Labels with UPS please go to this link:

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UPS ERROR Confirm The XML document is not well formed. 

Some shipping carriers have issues with special characters, but mainly UPS. These include:
 &   ,    -    _   ;    '   #
If you run into an error when trying to print a label this is more than likely the cause. Please check the Shipping Address for any of the above characters and remove them from the address. This should correct the error and allow you to print the label.

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UPS Shipping to Canada 

If you happen to encounter the same issue, please make sure first you have added in your Fortune3 Wizard the option “UPS Standard to Canada” to your shipping method list (you can accomplish this by navigating inside the Wizard to “My Company -> Shipping Information -> Real-Time Shipping Carriers and Methods", search for the UPS Standard to Canada method on the left column, and click on the “Add >” button);  after you have done this upload your changes with the Wizard and please proceed to log in to your Admin Site using your Fortune3 username and password.

Navigate in the Admin Site to Orders > View Orders; choose the order you wish to print the label for. Scroll down the page and look for a field called “Change Shipping Method”. After clicking on this field, select the option for UPS Standard which is the same method as UPS Standard to Canada (this is also going to change the Shipping Method inside the “Print Shipping Label(s)” form). 

This should resolve your current issue, if you still having trouble please open a support ticket

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Why are order numbers skipping? 

The FORTUNE3 system creates an order number almost for every visitor that goes to your site, including yourself, whether a purchase is made or not. This is because almost anything that is done on your site requires a session to be created on the shopping cart and therefore an Order ID / Order Number associated with that session.

For example, if a customer goes to your site an adds an item to the cart, an Order ID and session is created at that point. The same thing happens if a customer logs into your site to check on the status of an order.

Missing order numbers are therefore normal and common. They do not mean that you are missing certain orders or that many customers are creating orders but not completing them, it could mean that you have had many logins in between orders, or many add to carts (which could include automated bots that browse / crawl through your site).

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